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Canon IX, of the Registrar, was adopted by Convention in 1861. The Registrar's duties included collecting and preserving Convention records and journals; preserving other documents illustrating the history of the Diocese; and reporting annually on the condition of all documents in his care. There was no official archival space, although the Cathedral occasionally provided an area for a "library." In 1973 Canon IX was amended by Convention to be "Of the Registrar and Archivist," thus creating the official position of Diocesan Archivist. Duties were expanded to include documents relating to any parish, mission or institution of the Diocese. A few years later, through the efforts of the Rev. Larry Clark, Diocesan Registrar, and the first Archivist, a room in the basement of the Cathedral was converted into archival storage. 
In spite of the early date of the founding of our Diocesan Archives, it was not until Fr. Clark's tenure that the materials received any kind of professional care. During the intervening years some documents disappeared and others suffered from mildew and insect damage, or simply the ravages of time. Fr. Clark made great strides in procuring not only a space with metal shelving, but also appropriate archival boxes and folders.

In 2004, the One in Christ capital campaign provided for a major renovation of the Archives, which are now housed entirely in the basement of Loring House. There is adequate space and lighting with proper temperature and humidity controls.

What's in the Archives

View a list of what type of information is housed in the Diocesan Archives along with some electronic lists here.

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