The 201st Convention of the Diocese of Maine


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October 2020

Stay tuned for details! Specific dates and more information will be determined soon. 
Questions? Contact Canon Barbara Martin via email or at 207.772.1953 x 125. 


Vote and voice at Convention are granted to all canonically-resident clergy, priests-in-charge of congregations in the diocese, and elected, certified lay delegates.  Read what the constitution and canons have to say applying ot lay delegates to convention here.  

What are the responsiblities of lay delegates? 

1.  In advance of convention, review materials and be prepared to discuss and vote on business to come before convention.
2.  Attend any designated pre-convention gatherings before convention. These will take place at Town Hall on Tuesday at 5pm via Zoom. (Schedule here.)
3.  Register for convention. For this online convention, a unique email address for each delegate must be provided. 
3.  Attend convention 
• Vote on resolutions 
• Elect diocesan officers and representatives
• Adopt a 2021 diocesan budget 
4.  Abide by the Rules of Order at convention. (Rules of Order will be posted here when available.)
5.  Report back to your congregation the election results, actions taken by convention on resolutions, and share the Bishop’s address.
6.  Cover the expenses that could include those outlined below (paid either by congregations or delegates, depending on what your congregation decides):
• Mileage to and from Convention
• Cost of any registration/meal fee for Convention 
• Cost of any hotel room if necessary 

Lay representatives are elected by their congregation and must be certified. The certificates are examined by the Committee on Credentials prior to convention. Are you a priest or senior warden/clerk who needs to certify your lay delegation? Please complete and sign the electronic certificate below by July 15, 2020:



 If you have any questions about the certificate, please be in touch with Teresa



Nominations for consideration by the 201st Convention of the Diocese of Maine are now open. Please use the application forms below to nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) for one of the open positions listed and described on this page by September 16, 2020. The forms will ask for a photo. Please have a headshot of the nominee ready to submit. Elections will take place at convention.  


The open diocesan positions and terms are listed below along with the name of the person who currently holds the seat and the year their term expires. Click on the link for more information about each position. 
Treasurer (1 year term); Mr. Richard Rozene (2020)
Secretary (1 year term); Ms Leigh Spahr (2020)
Standing Committee - Clergy (3 year term); Rev. Sara Gavit (2020)
Standing Committee - Lay (3 year term); Mr. Doug Mayer (2020)
Provincial Synod - Layl Deputy (2 year term); Ms Kathy DeSilvey (2020)
Disciplinary Board - Clergy (3 year term); Rev. Cn. Larry Weeks (2020)
Diocesan Council is a decision-making body of the Diocese of Maine comprised of two elected members (one clergy person and one lay person) from each of the eight diocesan areas. In 2020, we are electing lay members and elections will take place in Town Hall Zoom meetings leading up to the 201st Convention of the Diocese of Maine. Please use the application form below to nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) by September 16, 2020. The form will ask for a photo. Please have a headshot of the nominee ready to submit.


Diocesan Council - Eight (8) Area Lay Representatives (2 year term). The person who currently holds the seat and the year their term expires are listed below.
Area 1 - Ms Nancy Mooers (2020)
Area 2 - Ms Rita Redfield (2020) 
Area 3 - Ms Christine Talbot (2020)
Area 4 - Ms Melissa Sparks (2020)
Area 5 - Mr. Tom Ward (2020) 
Area 6 - Mr. Stephen Ward (2020)
Area 7 - current representative served three terms; ineligible for re-election
Area 8 - Ms Holly Sargent (2020)   


Resolutions or Resolutions of Courtesy proposed for consideration at Diocesan Convention 2020 must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee by September 8, 2020 using the form below:


If you are proposing a resolution that amend the Constitution or Canons, or affect the structure or governance of the church, contact John Hennessy by September 1, 2020 as the resolution will need additional review before it is brought to debate at Diocesan Convention. 
All resolutions must be signed by the delegate (or parish or group) submitting the resolution. The final resolution language will be posted on the convention page of the diocesan website.
The following questions must be considered prior to the submission of any Resolution:
  • Does this Resolution conflict with The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church or The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Maine? 
  • Does this Convention have the authority to act or direct an entity included in the Resolution? 
  • How will this resolution be executed or assigned? 
  • What is the financial or funding impact? 
  • If the Resolution contains funding implications, a cost estimate must be included in the last resolve clause. Please use this format: “Resolved that the Diocesan Council Finance Committee consider a budget allocation of $____ for the implementation of this Resolution.” 
Stay tuned - there will be a Resolution Drafting Webinar to assist with the process! Watch future emails for details about the day/time of that webinar. 

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