Information for Congregations

Applications, Directory, Forms, Grants, Payroll Forms, Policies, Templates


New Assignment Notice

Annual Congregational Report to the Bishop 2020 (to be completed within 30 days after your Annual Meeting)

Congos By-Laws/Constitution List with Dates (as of January, 2020)

Certificate of Delegates for 2020 (due July 15, 2020)

Clergy Annual Report for 2019 (due March 16, 2020)

Customary for Retiring Deacons 

Lay Licensing Applications (new licensing period not yet open; licenses expiring 2019 extended until further notice)

For Clergy: Marriage After Divorce Consent Form & Record of Marriage After Divorce Form 

Parochial Report for 2019 (diocesan deadline extended to July 31; please get your info to Terry ASAP!)

For Clergy: Regional Confirmation Form (next date TBD)

Summer Chapel Forms

Visitation Forms



Payroll, Insurance & Employment

Payroll Schedule 2020

Sample Time Sheet for Hourly Employees

New Employee Enrollment/Employee Change Form for 2020

Form I-9 for 2020

Flexible Benefit Election Form 2020

ADP Direct Deposit Form

ADP Online Paystub Access

W-4 2020 Federal

W-4 2020 Maine 



2021 Budget Application for Diocesan Programs (due July 17, 2020)

2021 Strategic Mission Support Application (due July 17, 2020) 



Loring Fund

F.B. Wolf Fund

Lovett Fund Grants for Mission Churches 



Travel Reimbursement Form  (2020 rate is $0.57.5 per mile)

Deacons Sample Letter of Agreement

Letter of Transfer for Parishioners

Minors Photo Release Template

Mutual Study of Ministry



Diocesan Alcohol Policy

Diocesan Safe Church Policy (access Safe Church Training here)

Title IV (Clergy Discipline Protocols) 



Diocesan Leadership Directory 

Directory of Congregations 


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