United Thank Offering (UTO)

The Mission of the United Thank Offering is to expand the circle of thankful people. To achieve this mission, we encourage daily prayers, offerings and awareness of the abundance of God's blessings. 
Suggested dates for Parish Ingatherings: The Fall Ingathering can be the Sunday closest to all Saints Day and the Spring Ingathering can be the Sunday following Ascension.

Episcopal Diocese of Maine
143 State Street
Portland, Maine  04101
Att: UTO

Apply for a UTO grant to support your congregation's ministry

Each congregation in Maine is welcome to submit a UTO grant application to fund ministry in your local community. Each diocese if invited to submit one diocesan-based application and one international application.  



Questions? Visit:  http://www.episcopalchurch.org/page/united-thank-offering





143 State Street (mail to PO Box 4036) | Portland, ME 04101 | Phone: (207) 772-1953 |